HHS ® adhesive lubricant 5000
Special Lubricant for 4 Stroke gas engine valve trains

Extremely temperature-resistant, fully synthetic penetrating, adhesive oil with PTFE
Reliable lubrication
        Penetrates through to where the lubricating oil is required (excellent creep)
        Ideal for non-visible lubrication points
Reliable wear protection
        Contains solid lubricant - PTFE
        Once the grease film has been stripped, lubrication is taken over by PTFE (dry-running properties)
        Lasting anti-slip protective film under high temperature loads
Reliable due to long-term effect
        Provides reliable and lasting protection against corrosion
        Does not oxidise (gum up) up to +200°C, even up to +250°C for short periods
        No carbonisation residue
Safe application
        Highly compatible with most plastics, O-rings and X-rings
        Neutral behaviour on painted surfaces
Resistant to splashed washer, salt water, weak acids and alkalis
Silicone-free, resin-free and acid-free
Temperature application range: -20°C to +200°C
Briefly: +250°C
Colour: transparent

PowerFuel RX
Particularly suited to 4 stroke gas engines, including radials, to guarantee a reliable fuel supply to the carb
Fuel flow can be adjusted by a channel in your radio.
Automatic by-pass valve prevents over fueling
Replaces the Emcotec APS 380HV pump. This is the latest version
Fuel pump with integrated self-purging, passive cut-off valve and enhanced pump motor. The cut-off valve and the exhaust valve of the pump are integrated into the pump head.

Due to use of the head valve the pump is absolutely tight. Even at inconvenient installation position below the tank no fuel will leak out.
Voltage: 4.8-12v
Weight: 96gms

Delivery contents

Delivery incl. retaining clamps, screws, PUN hose, T-piece adapter.