Meet the new kid on the block. The DLE-30 is the most powerful engine  in it's class. It weighs less than most 26cc engines and produces 50% more power than most 26cc engines.  Manufactured to the same high standard as all DLE engines it provides smooth and reliable operation               
 Why just power a model when you can overpower it with ease. More power equals more fun.

Idle Speed: 1600rpm/min.
8.5KG Pulling Force/ 100 meters Altitude
7.5KG Pulling Force/1800 meters Altitude
Recommended propeller :  18x8,  18x10, 19x8,  20x6
Spark plug: NGK CM6 equivalent
Carby: Tillotson pumper
Induction : Reed valve
Bore x stroke: 36mm x 30mm
Compression ratio: 7.6:1
Oil ratio : 30:1 Running-in (mineral oil)
Weight: Engine-910g. Exhaust Pipe-60g
Ignition CDI-120g
Included is a firewall drilling template

Engine comes complete with muffler, gasket, spark plug, CDI ignition and standoffs
Each engine is test run by us for 30 minutes for quality assurance and to set tuning.

Covered by a 24 months Australian warranty for engine  parts and CDI.
 Included with every engine is a free RCEXL OPTO KILL SWITCH
       $390 includes
FREE post within Australia 
Every engine test run for 30 min to set tuning and for quality assurance

Custom machined standoffs made to your length.
your exact length & we will machine them.
Set of 4  $38