Idle Speed: 1350 rpm
14.2Kg Pulling Force / 100 meters Altitude
12.5Kg Pulling Force / 1800 meters Altitude
Suitable propeller: 22×8; 22×10
Rcexl CDI
Spark plug NGK CM6 equivalent
× stroke ) : 45mm×35mm
Compression ratio
Recommended oil ratio : 30:1( mineral oil for running-in)
Weight: Engine - 1353g, Exhaust pipe - 100g, CDI ignition - 120g

Muffler mount dimensions are the same as the DA50R, GP50R, EME55, EME60 engines
Included is a firewall drilling template
The bolts used on the DLE55 are all 5mm metric sizes.
Mounting bolt pattern is 80mm wide and 67mm high (centre to centre)
Distance from back of mounting lugs to face of prop hub is 102mm, and the supplied standoffs are 68mm
Total length of motor from back face of stock standoffs to front face of prop hub is 170mm
The DLE55 shares the same prop hub and muffler mounting dimensions as the DA50R
The crank is tapped for a 5mm spinner bolt

Includes muffler, gasket, standoffs, CDI, spark plug, firewall drilling template

24 Months Australian warranty on engine and electronics


Every engine test run for 30 min to set tuning and for quality assurance

$470  including free post within Australia
Custom machined standoffs made to your length.
l your exact length & we will machine them.
Set of 4  $38