Depron Foamies & Accessories
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Swing clip keepers 1.2mm  (x10)  $1.10
Linkage stopper 1.2mm  (x8). Suits 1 or 1.2mm wire or carbon rod  $3.10
Linkage stopper 1.8mm  (x8). Suits 1.5 to 1.8mm wire or carbon rod. $3.10
Plastic control horns. 20x14, 4 hole
10 per pack $2
Motor mount screws. 2.8mm x 12mm. Pack of 50 $2.50
Thera Band blue surgical exercise tubing.  $2/300mm
The ultimate prop saver rubber bands

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Emax 8.5g Digital servo, including arms and screws   $4.35 Sold Out
Voltage: 4.8-6v
Torque: 1.6/2.0 Kg
Speed: 0.12/0.1sec
Plastic gears
Emax 12a ESC with 1A 5v BEC  $9.50
Burst 15a
Weight 8gms
Emax 18A ESC 2A-5v BEC  $7.50
Burst 24A
Weight 24g
Carbon Fiber Rod and Tube
Carbon Fiber rod x 500mm.
1mm  $0.47
1.5mm  $0.62
3mm  $1.19
(Also available in 1M length)
Carbon Fiber tube 4mm x 2mm x 500mm  $1.85
30mm Self adhesive velcro. Hook & loop.  $0.80/500mm length
15mm Velcro strapping. Hook on one side and loop on the other. Use it to wrap batteries, or fuel tanks. Just wrap around and it attaches back to itself.   $3.20 per metre
Piano wire for pushrods etc 1.2mm x 450mm.  10 of for $3

Bullet connectors. Male and female. 3 per set
2mm x 3  $0.72
3mm x 3   $0.75
3.5mm x 3   $0.78


Emax Brushless Outrunner motors
Budget 2215/20 KV1200    $12.05
Actual size 2830
Including mount and prop saver
Weight 59g
Shaft size 3mm
Prop saver 3mm shaft size  $1.20
Prop adapter to suit 3mm Shaft $1.60
Kypom Lipo Batteries
K6 Series 11.1v 3S 1000mah 40C 88g Deans plug fitted   $16

K6 Series 11.1v 3S 1500mah 30C 121g Deans plug fitted  $18