The EME-120 is a very powerful engine suited to large scale aerobatic models, or big scale models. As with all EME engines they are covered by 18 months Australian warranty. It comes with 2 mufflers, standoffs, 2 spark plugs, exhaust gaskets and an Rcexl CDI. Carby has an extension arm fitted as standard. Firewall bolt pattern is 70 x 80. Exhaust bolt pattern is the same as the DLE-111, so most headers will fit. Carb is a genuine Walbro, not a cheap copy. Smallest recommended prop is a 28 x 10

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Displacement: 120 cc
Weight: 2.72kg. with Stock Mufflers and Ignition Engine -
Engine 2400g, Muffler  160g, Ignition 160g
RPM Range: 1,100-7,200
Output: 12.2 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Includes: Rcexl electronic ignition, muffler, spark plugs, gaskets, bolts, machined aluminium standoffs
Suggested Propellers: 28x10, 28x12, 29x10 (3-blade: 27x12)
Ignition Battery: 4.8v-6v
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
Gas/Oil Mix: 30:1 ~ 35:1
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or equivalent
Free Rcexl Opto Kill switch
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Custom machined standoffs made to your length.
your exact length & we will machine them.
Set of 4  $38