Please not the latest model engines have the angled spark plug, not straight as in the photo's

    Displacement: 35cc
    Weight: 960g/engine, 45g/muffler, 140g/ignition
    Carburetor: Genuine Walbro
    Compression Ratio: 7.6
    Power: 3.6HP@7100RPM
    Idle RPM: 1550RPM
    Practical RPM: 1550-7500RPM
    Thrust: 9.0kg (200M altitude)
    Thrust: 8.1kg (2000M altitude)
    Spark Plug: EME/ NGK CM6
    Ignition Voltage: 4.8V-12V
    Fuel: 91-93 Octane, 1: 30 mix ratio
    Recommended Propeller: 2 blades, 18x10, 19x8, 19x10, 20x8

Package Contents:

    EME 35 engine
    Rcexl Ignition module
Rcexl Opto Kill switch
    Spark plug
    Stand-off spacer 4pcs
    Standoff bolts: M5*15 (front), 4pcs; M5*22 (rear), 4pcs
    Muffler screw 2pcs
    Muffler gasket 1pcs
    English manual
    Wolf Models Australian instructions
    Firewall drilling template
These are a great engine at a great price.
Prop drill pattern is the same as a DLE30, 35RA, PTE36R.
Prop bolts 5mm instead of 4mm
Exhaust pattern is the same as the DLE30
Engines test run and tuned for quality assurance
Custom machined standoffs made to your length.
l your exact length & we will machine them.
Set of 4  $38