This is the latest EME-60 engine . Improved porting in the cylinder has increased power, and all the crankshafts are now x-rayed before assembly. The new crankcase is a lot stronger design, and the short standoffs means there is a lot less flex. The Rcexl CDI is manufactured specifically for EME with a re-designed advance curve for a smoother running engne with less vibration and more power. There is also a new reed block to further increase power. The exhaust bolt pattern is the same as most of the popular 50cc and 55cc engines, so our muffled Pitts muffler bolts straight on. Firewall mount dimension 67 x 78. Typical revs on a 23x10 are 6450. The carb feature extended throttle and choke arms, located on opposite sides of the carb to make connection easier. The power for the $ is unbeatable. This is truly a great engine. As with all the engines we sell, these are also test run and tuned by us so there is no mucking around when you receive it. Just bolt it to your model and go flying.


    Displacement: 60cc
    Weight: 1390g/engine, 180g/muffler, 140g/ignition module
    Carburetor: Genuine Walbro
    Compression Ratio: 7.6-1
    Power: 6.2HP@7200RPM
    Idle RPM: 1350RPM
    Practical RPM: 1350
7500 RPM
    Thrust: 16.2kgf (50
200M altitude)
    Thrust: 14.7kgf (1800
2000M altitude)
    Spark Plug: EME/ NGK CM6
    Ignition Voltage: 6V-12V
    Fuel-oil:  30
1 ratio
    Recommended Propeller: 2 blades, 23*10, 24*8, 24*10(wooden prop, C.F. prop)
    Firewall mounting size 67 x 78
    Length: 170mm from rear of prop to rear of standoffs

Package Contents:

    EME60 engine
    Rcexl Ignition module
Rcexl Opto Kill switch
    Spark plug CM6 equivalent
    Stand-offs 4pcs
    Muffler screw 2pcs
    Muffler gasket
    English manual
    Firewall drilling template
    Australian instructions

   12 months Australian warranty
    Engines test run and tuned for quality assurance


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Custom machined standoffs made to your length.
your exact length & we will machine them.
Set of 4  $38