Direct Power Control
This unit supplies 5v regulated power to your receiver and full battery voltage and power to your servo's. This stops all the servo load going through your receiver preventing receiver failure because of an overload, and gives your servo's full power. Using 2 receivers it also allows you to use 2 switches and 2 DPC units so you can power the left side of your model with one and the right side with the second. This means if one servo battery or switch fails you only lose one side of the plane, being able to land safely on the operating side. Excellent to use with the Miracle Twin switch. Or you can use 2 DPC into the one Rx.

1.Input 6V~20V(2~5 cells lipo battery)

2.BEC output current 2A to Receiver

3.BEC output voltage 5V to receiver

4.JR/Futaba plugs

5.Wire length 300mm

6. 4 Channel in, 4 channel out


Imax Watt Meter
Sturdy aluminium case
Measures: Current
                Voltage up to 60V
                Minimum voltage
                Peak amps
                Watt hours
                Amp hours


Sold out

Dionysus Design Servo Rate Reducer
This servo rate reducer is designed for airplanes where minimal weight is crucial. It uses the latest microprocessor technology to slow down the servo signal so landing gear and other mechanical systems are not damaged by fast servos.
Slows down the servo signal so full range movement takes 4 seconds
Designed for use with 2 or 3 position transmitter switches
Can be used with 2 servos by using a Y-cable (if one of the two servos needs to be reversed we also recommend the use of a Servo Reverser)

Dionysus Design Servo Stretcher
The Dionysus Design Servo Stretcher will take the normal 90 degree servo signal from the receiver and stretch it out so the servo actually moves 180 degrees. Most servos can go up to 180 degrees, however the transmitter limits the range to about 90 degrees. This servo stretcher will double the signal range. Excellelent for mechanical retracts etc

Ignition Battery Eliminator Made in the USA

IBE with regulator is a unique product that eliminates the need for a separate ignition battery while providing an IMAA required transmitter controlled ignition kill switch.  The versatile IBE can be configured to power other systems providing transmitter switch control such as smoke pumps, motors, lights, etc.

You no longer have to worry about ignition interference, your ignition can be safely powered through your receiver battery saving precious weight and eliminating the maintenance of an ignition battery.  A wide range of powering configurations are available. IBE can be controlled by a switch on your transmitter using a receiver channel, or simply come on when you power ON your model's battery. Either way a LED indicator light will show when your ignition is powered. IBE's output voltage is configurable from approximately 4.7 volts thru 6.5 volts and is preset from the factory at 5.5 volts. IBE delivers 5 amps continuous and is compatible with 99.9% of all ignitions on the market today. IBE can manage a wide range of input voltages, 4.8 volts through 16 volts. Unlike many regulators on the market the IBE is so efficient that it will provide up to the battery voltage even when the battery voltage falls below the set voltage.

Special circuitry eliminates noise and interference from the ignition system. A simple range test will convince you how well an IBE works. You will see no difference in a range test using a system that uses an ignition battery and one using the IBE powered through your receiver's battery. Efficient regulation, special circuitry, and multiple input/output configurations provides for the safest and simplest setup for your ignition system. At 20 grams IBE performs as good as expensive optical systems.