Pitts Mufflers
50-60cc Pitts mufflers
These Pitts mufflers are suitable for fields with noise restrictions as they are baffled and do not rob power. Material thickness eliminates cracking and failures.
The bolt pattern is to fit the DLE50-55, PTE50i, GP50R, EME55 - 60 and DA50
DLE-30 Pitts muffler. Internal baffling to reduce noise. Does not rob power.
DLE-20 Pitts muffler.
Baffled to reduce noise but not rob power.
Muffler Insert for DLE20, DLE35RA, DLE30 & DLE55RA
Two required for DLE35RA & DLE55RA

It decreases the noise level noticeably
There is a loss of a few hundred rpm at full throttle
This is a simple alternative and extremely easy to add to existing installations.
Can be installed with the supplied silicon tube, or fixed with a small screw through the side of the muffler outlet.

DLE20 & DLE35RA 

DLE30, EME35 & DLE55RA
Engine Size
Aluminium welding service available for professional repairs to mufflers and canisters
Email us for an approximate price