Wing Span: 80.7in/2050mm       
Wing Area: 64sq.dm            
Fuselage Length: 57in/1450mm 
Flying Weight:
Radio: 4 Channels 5 Servos 
Engine: 2C 60-90,4C 91-120
The Super Cub has been recognised as one of the all time great planes. This is the perfect model for Sunday flying or for scale aeobatics. Very well designed and constructed. Suitable for all engines from a .60 to a 1.20. Perfect for the new DLE-20 gas engine
I have built one of these for a customer, using a DLE-20 for power. Toward Pro MG996R servo's on all surfaces, a single A123 battery for both receiver and ignition power, 17x6 Hawk prop. The balance came out perfect. I did the test flight for him and it flies fantastic. The engine and prop combination is perfect. Plenty of power for aerobatics and flies around on half throttle. I am very impressed by it. Total weight is 4.5Kg
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