Wfly 2.4Ghz Transmiiters & Receivers
The Wfly radios are not your average liteweight cheapie Chinese transmitters. They have more features than a $2000 JR transmitter and are easier to program.
Twice the resolution of JR and Futaba making them the most precise radio on the world market today. Programming has never been easier. Unlike others you don't need a university degree to be able to program it.
Very user friendly and they feel great in the hands.
We have been using and testing them since July 2010 and are totally in love with them. No lockouts, brownouts, or hiccups of any description. I have since sold my Futaba and JR radios and now only use the WFT09S. I sold my other radios for a lot more than this radio cost me. Why pay over $120 for receivers when you can buy these receivers for $60 and they are better.
The 10 point curve on all channels means that now you can perfectly match every point of the travel on things like dual elevator servo's and aileron servo's. No need to buy expensive gadgets that still don't do the same as these radios do.
2.4GHz 9 channels R/C System, 4096 Resolution
Use in: airplane, helicopter, glider
Band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz,
Output power: ≤100Mw 2.4GHz
Modulation: PPM/PCMS 1024/PCMS 4096
DSSS frequency hopping
85- model memory
RF module: integrated
Resolution: 4096
Power: 9.6-12V
High Speed, High Resolution, optimized 2.4GHz PCMS 4096 ( twice what JR and Futaba are)
Convenient stick tension adjustment
Tree-like Multi-layer Menu, very easy programming
Excellent white LED backlight,
132 * 64 FSTN LCD screen
Reboot time 4Ms
10 point curve (in any X and Y direction, on every channel), easy complex curve adjustment
Data transfer function, easy teaching and learning
Multi-function, intuitive data setting, easy checking
Stick Modes 1-4
Any aux channel can be assigned to any switch, knob or slide switch
All slave channels can be mixed  0-120%
Dual rate and exponential all channels. 2 x 3 position switches
6 switches, 3 knob pots, 2 slides 1 on each side, trainer switch
End Point Adjustment all channels
Servo reverse ( including Slaves )
Mixing ( trim can be linked on or off for all channels including slaves, switch assignable )
Mix: PROG.NOR.MIX ( 7 series)
         PROG.CUR.MIX ( 4 series )
Mix up to 6 channels together
Digital trim
Sub trim
Throttle curve
Air brake
Flap trim
Ailevator ( move ailerons and elevators in the same direction )
Aileron differential
Snap roll
3 timers ( either count up or down ) switch assignable
Fail safe
Receiver has 2 individual receivers in the one case working independently, dipole antennas
Free 11.1V 2500mah Lipo for transmitter power
Trainer cord / data transfer
Neck strap
Simulator cable
12 months warranty
$389 with free reg post